SRJC Swim Classes

Here is where I’m posting online exercises for SRJC swim classes.

Do these and you still get grades and credit for the class until  on-campus classes resume

When you’ve completed these send an email to

You can say ” did it”  or tell me what you did.


Nathan Adrian Freestyle


Dave scott stretch cord exercises:

For Monday March 29:

Dryland Exercises with equipment:

Another option . Run 10-15 x 1 min steep hill repeats , jog down on 2:30. ( you leave every 2:30 gives about 20s standing rest at the bottom. )

Here is an easier dryland workout that needs no equipment.

Here is a yoga class you can do

Wed April 1:


  • Warmup jog and stretch 10 minutes
  • 5-15 x [20 high skips, go into 1 minute run build speed (1 minute walk/jog between. )]
  • 5 min cool down

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