San Francisco Bay Ashes at sea

Ash scattering San Francisco

san francisco bay sunset

Cultures throughout the world have embraced the scattering of cremated ashes at sea for the last several thousand years. Ash scattering has remained prominent in Hawaii, and throughout the Pacific Islands, 

 Recently, cremation has become a more popular alternative to traditional burial. And more often, people select scattering of ashes at sea because they want to return to nature what nature created. People who love the sea view it as return home.

 We will handle the sea scattering of the ashes of your loved one in almost any way practical to your desires and wishes. We can go to the Golden Gate Bridge out in the ocean or anywhere in the bay that fits within the range of our yacht.

 You may bring music, flowers anything of that nature to make the experience personal. We can take up to six passengers and stay out as long as you like for you to share with each other any reflections or stories.  We are all in some way unique, as are these experiences.

  We are licensed through the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau and US Coast Guard.