Team Building


Team Building and Friday Night Racing

Corinthian Yacht Club Friday night racing season is here

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There is no better team than a sailing crew 

These are regular YRA races and your sailing skills will skyrocket

If you are looking for a way to increase sailing skills and learn to work together as a team, there is nothing like a Friday night race.


Here is how it works:

You are your group (up to six) go out for a 2 hr practice session at 4pm on any Friday. Once we feel confident in our skills, we head over to the start at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon.  There are different divisions based on boat size and speed so we race against similar boats on our own division.

We will race in a non-spinnaker division, so it’s not quite as technical.

The races take about 2 hrs, so we are back at the dock at 8:00.

The price is the same as if it were a 4 hour charter, but rather than act as a host, I am more of a coach. Everyone participates in sailing the boat. I need to drive at the start, but as soon as we are clear of traffic, other people can take over.

This is physical and challenging, so where a regular charter can be a boat ride, this is a mildly competitive event, but highly rewarding.